Trichen Gendun Tsultrim

His Holiness Kyabje Trichen Gendun Tsultrim Rinpoche was born in the Wood Mouse year in Gyalthang Shangri-la. At a tender young age, he began memorizing prayer texts and by the age of 13 he joined Gaden Sumtseling Monastery in Gyalthang Shangrila

Trichen Gendun Tsultrim travelled to Central Tibet near Lhasa joining the Sera Mey Monastery, one of the three great Buddhist monastic universities of Tibet. Besides studying logic and epistemology, he studied the five main subjects of Prajnaparamita, Madhyamaka, Pramana, Abhidharma and Vinaya under the guidance of distinguished masters.

On the completion of a series of successful tests and debates held during the Great Prayer Festival (Monlam Chenmo), H.H. Trichen Gendun Tsultrim Rinpoche earned the Geshe Lharampa degree, the highest degree in the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Gyalthangba Gendun Tsultrim Rinpoche became famous as a great scholar in the Sutras and the Tantras and was one of the most eminent masters in Sera Pomra besides His Holiness Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo.

Spelled “Powor” (spo ’bor) but pronounced “Bompora,” this regional house (khang tshan) is one of the largest and most important of Sera Mé (se ra smad). Bompora Regional House owns several monastic apartment houses (spyi khang).
Its most famous lama (bla ma) was Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo (pha bong kha bde chen snying po, 1878-1941). It is painted yellow, a symbol of the fact that among its more eminent monks there was a regent (sde drid) of Tibet. Among the more eminent monks of this regional house is Gendün Tsültrim (dge ’dun tshul khrims, 1744-1807), sixty-fifth holder of the Ganden (dga’ ldan) throne, and tutor to the Third Penchen Lama (paṇ chen bla ma)

Source: The Tibetan and Himalayan Library

His Holiness Shangri-la Trichen Gendun Tsultrim served the Dharma as the Abbot of prestigious Tibetan Monasteries like Ganden Jangtse Monastery, Gyuto Tantric Monastery and Chokorgyel Monastery by giving extensive Buddhist teachings from the Sutras and Tantras not just in Tibet but also in China.

The Emperor Qianlong awarded Dharma King Trichen Gendun Tsultrim Rinpoche with a seal, official rank in his Imperial court and honoured him with a golden letter of felicitation.

In the Iron Bird year of 1801, His Holiness Trichen Gendun Tsultrim Rinpoche ascended the Golden Throne of Gaden as the 65th Gaden Tripa, Successor of Je Tsongkhapa on Earth and Supreme Head of the Gelug lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

His Holiness Trichen Gendun Tsultrim Rinpoche’s supreme incarnation Kyabje Khyungser Trichen Rinpoche was born in the Iron Bird year into the Khyungser family of Shangri-la Gyalthang. Shangri-la Tulku Kyabje Khyungser Trichen Rinpoche was recognized by the official Head of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism and formally enthroned at Ganden Monastery.